Public Health and Safety

Sunoco Mariner East Pipeline

I will NEVER stop fighting for our safety

Photo courtesy of Pete Bannan

  • Ensure the safety and integrity of all pipeline components and operations.

  • Continue to pressure legislators to hold Sunoco accountable for its negligence. 

  • Require state-of-the-art monitoring and surveillance to detect any leaks.

  • Have an evacuation plan in place and top training for first-responders.

  • Provide residents with information, facts and figures on an ongoing basis.

  • Hold regular Town Hall meetings to discuss these issues.

Pedestrian Safety

  • Apply for federal and state grants to shoulder the costs of improving our roads and adding sidewalks to major roads by working directly with PennDot at no immediate cost  to township residents.

  • Apply for federal and state grants to install bicycle and pedestrian access to town center and neighboring borough and municipalities at no immediate cost to township residents.


PennDot Funding

Reduce Pesticide Spraying

- Work with affiliate groups like Don't Spray Me and with the Chester County Health Department to significantly reduce the amount of toxic pesticides sprayed around our homes, schools, parks and playgrounds.

- Address standing water and mosquito breeding grounds, treat appropriately with larvacide to prevent swarms of mosquitoes.

- Provide residents with easier access to opt out of being sprayed and .


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