The Issues At Hand

Learn more about Ashley Gagne and her vision for the West Goshen. Here, you will find the political concerns Ashley is addressing, as well as solutions that she will work to implement as Township Supervisor.

Lake View

ENSURE Our Safety

The safety and health of our residents is the number one priority. The Sunoco Mariner East pipeline is fundamentally UNSAFE. We must equip and train our first responders in the case of an emergency, provide residents with proper plans for evacuation, and establish clear containment protocols. We must continue to pressure our legislators to bring a stop to the operation of this pipeline and to hold Sunoco accountable for their clear negligence and utter disregard of the safety of our citizens.

Your Township, Your Voice

Leading the Way to Environmental Wellness

Ashley holds a degree in Geology, and as a student of earth sciences and sustainability, she will fight to preserve our open space and natural resources. Ashley founded the West Goshen Sustainability Task Force in 2017, and if elected as Township Supervisor will create a Sustainability Advisory Committee.

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