Environment and Sustainability

Preserve Open Space

- We've allowed ourselves to be "built-out", causing traffic issues and congestion. Focus on revitalization of our community.

- Loss of vital open space, need to preserve what is left.

- Beautify West Goshen by planting native species, bright flowers for pollinators.

- Public gardens and bee sanctuaries.

Community Gardens

- Community gardens are beneficial to the community in more ways than one. They bring people together, provide fresh food for our residents, and teach valuable life skills to people of all ages.

Combat Climate Change

- Cited by the Pentagon as our nations #1 threat to national security.

- Make a climate commitment and set a goal for 100% renewable energy.

- Attain the Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification, see details here

- Create a Sustainability Advisory Council.

Renewable Energy

- Explore alternative sources of energy such as solar, wind, and geothermal.

- Utilize hybrid vehicles and install charging stations throughout the township.

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